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Basements from a Conservation Perspective  -  March 2015








Photograph courtesy of Kate Sharpe of Francis Holland School

In the  light of the recent article featured in the Daily Mail (March 19th 2015) there remains much controversy over the continued battle of the basements. 


  It was reported that “Britain’s richest woman” has just been given permission by Westminster for a double basement development at her Belgravia home.  Naturally, neighbours and local residents are extremely concerned about this.  From a conservation perspective, there appears to be much consternation on the effects of removal of earth and displacement and how it affects other properties in the area.  The properties were never intended to be enormous family houses and the disruption and the possible harm to neighbouring properties poses a very real threat to the local residents.  


 Council spokesman Nick Thompson commented on the approved plans saying: 


 'This application was approved by committee on Tuesday night.


We have a basement policy that is coming in very shortly which will restrict this type of development, as we recognise the disruption that residents in Westminster are having to live with.”


Meanwhile, Planning permission was granted with conditions that the excavation work can be carried out only between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. 

 Westminster City Council plans to introduce a policy to limit the size of basement extensions

by the end of 2015.


 Why then, should Westminster agree to this current development going ahead? 


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