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Posted January 25th, 2018

First reported Paving the Way December / January 2018 - Conservation

The plight of the Bumble Bees (and other insects)



Due to recent news about the decline of many species of insects, which could have a devastating impact on the eco-system, it has become increasingly apparent
for us to give thought to their plight


For those of us who own gardens and outdoor spaces, no matter how small, we can all do our bit to try to reverse this decline. An addition of nectar rich low maintenance 'wild patch' of flowers either in the window box, terrace, small garden or any other green space, will aid insects to fight back. Garden centres are actively labelling plants to encourage 'pollinators', making it easier to choose the right plants to help insects. Together we can create urban tunnels of habitats for insects to survive, live and possibly even thrive once more.  


In response to the above story, The Belgravia Society will be conducting a campaign "Show You Care" inspired by RSPB SHOW THE LOVE  campaign in 2018.  You can read more about it here .  

We would like local schools to participate in making a mask.  


The 5 masks depict a:  Bird / Bat / Butterfly / Bee and Bug

A treasure hunt for the above in your local square,  park or playground.

What can you observe or more importantly what can't you see in your local area....  Please let us know your results.  You can take a look and download the mask pack here.  


for further details on how your school can participate. 



  1. Widlife / Biodiversity - Are your plantings focussing on sustainable flora for wildlife to survive ? 

  2. Yes as well as colour we have always encouraged planting that offers diversity to Bees, insects. As you may be aware we have bees within Belgravia that our team manage, so they are at the forefront of our planting schemes    

  3. Birds - Are the birds surviving and breeding well in the squares? 

  4. Yes, we have noted over the last few years the increase of nesting birds such as wrens, robins and blue tits I feel this is through managing their habitats and food.   

  5.  Do they have access to plenty of food and water? 

  6. Yes we encourage the feeding although try to restrict through the bleak feeding periods for birds to encourage them to seek natural food, such as some of our garden pests, so you will see many water and food feeders across our gardens

  7. Butterflies - are they returning to our squares and gardens ?  

  8. Have you spotted any lately? 

  9. Yes, we have released some with St Barnabas school and have Butterfly houses and nectar feeding stations in some of our gardens, but encourage them mainly through selected planting    

  10. I would really like to see butterfly zones around Belgravia especially in Belgrave Square - perhaps a special butterfly breeding programme or butterfly release project.  Is this a possibility ? As Above

  11. Bats - How are the bats getting on? Yes, we still have them across the estate and continue to monitor

  12. Community involvement -  How can we encourage the community to assist in looking after our green spaces and nature in Belgravia and Westminster? We are always work close with educational establishments from international universities to local schools. We especially encourage primary schools to be involved with the gardens where we as a department give sustainability and habitat lessons at the gardens and schools. We also run a weekly local Gardening club at St Barnabas school    

Conservation Watch - Latest June 2017  

A Q&A session with Simon Lewis 

Conservation, Greening and reconnecting to nature

in Belgravia / Westminster

 Posted January 2017



ARCHIVE: Thinking about next Spring and Summer 2017


We are currently in talks with a local Hedgehog Officer about the plight of Hedghogs and other endangered species to,  recreate a haven for wildlife and a buzz in Belgravia next Summer.  We would like members and their neighbours to continue to plant window boxes, fill gardens and terraces with scented bee / butterfly friendly plants.  Our idea is to encourage residents and businesses to create sustainable and nature loving floral displays and to promote a healthy, friendly environment for all species for a healthier way of life.  To be mindful of biodiversity, helping to make quality of life so much richer.  Ultimately we want Belgravia to be in the Zone when it comes to sustainability, preservation, biodiversity in Nature.  

 The Bees (and Butterflies) are now hibernating so we hope they have a good rest and look forward to seeing them in the spring of 2017!


 When Spring arrives in 2017, the first person to submit the first Bee or Butterfly they see in the Spring to our gallery and you win a cup of coffee from Fratelli just around the corner from the Bee Triangle in Ebury Street.  

The Belgravia Society




Archive Thinking about next Spring and Summer 2016
We are delighted to be collaborating with the Grosvenor Landscape Team on biodiversity and wildlife in Belgravia. Since our last meeting in 2015, there have been a few changes  


Firstly, Congratulations to the Grosvenor Landscape Team who won the Best Small Park Award for London in Bloom 2015. Secondly, Nick Butler, Gardener and Beekeeper trained by Landscape Manager, Simon Lewis has left the team to pursue his career at Allington Castle.  We wish him well. Two young qualified gardeners, Jamie Davies and Mathew Froud are working under the supervision of the newest Senior Gardener Stephen Sanford, who is responsible for a team of gardeners; Tony, Jamie, Mathew and new recruit Ryan.  Stephen provides day to day supervision of Eaton Square garden and planters. Stephen is degree educated and has a BTEC National Diploma in Horticulture. Stephen has worked at Kensington Palace and Eton College with proven experience of high quality garden maintenance and excellent horticultural skills.  Tony Carthy is an experienced gardener and has worked in Eaton Square for many years, The newest young recruit Ryan Randall will shortly start his apprenticeship at Capel Manor College.  The Bees will be in capable hands!

There have been some lovely initiatives such as building and installing  bug hotels and bird boxes in the Squares and local schools. A magnificent bug hotel in Eaton Square was built by the father of one of the senior gardener's. The wardens have been collecting reclaimed wood and other materials from skips and building sites to build and install the bird, bat and bug hotels. A variety of birds have been flocking to birdfeeders in the gardens and a colourful Parakeet was spotted recently perched on one.
A wormery has been created; storytelling in the park,  art in the garden and carol singing are some of the activities in which local children have participated.   Schools have been learning about biodiversity and local wildlife.  There is also talk of establishing a garden club. We are pleased to report there will be many exciting projects to look forward to over the coming months.

Belgravia Society plans to cover Belgravia in Bloom, Floral displays, Butterfly zones, Buzz on the bees, Return of the Hedgehog in our cities and much more ...

This article was featured in March 2016 Newsletter....

Send your name, and email address to together with your picture and we will add to the gallery, even if you don't win... we are always pleased to see any activity of the bee / bug / butterfly kind in & around Belgravia


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