Welcome to The Belgravia Society 
A charity for Belgravia

When those of us who founded The Belgravia Society considered its status, we felt that it should be a different kind of institution as outlined by George Waite in his introduction on our website. The object is to conduct ourselves responsibly and to fulfill the charitable functions which are recognised in law. We are very proud to do that. We have more to do and we are moving gradually to what we think is required.


 Currently we are not charging subscriptions. Apart from administrative costs, we do not want to use any funds other than for our charitable objects. We will not organise costly parties at the expense of our beneficiaries, nor will we not waste money on unnecessary extravagances. Anything we organize will be self-funding.


 I am hugely grateful to all the members of our Committee who have been working so hard to raise our profile. I am particularly grateful for the work done to create the website and those who have contributed articles. Please do look at our website on an ongoing basis as I am sure you will find it is updated and changed on a regular basis www.BelgraviaSociety.org. You will find articles general interest and specific interest in Belgravia as well as news and information of events. We will keep you informed of the work we are doing for residents. We hope our members will make contributions as well.

 So far, we have been able undertake current projects, including the immensely complex website, purely by the work of our volunteer Committee and Trustees.

We are recognised by HMRC as a charity for the purposes of Gift Aid and, in due course we will apply to the Charities Commission for a formal registration with them. We are confident enough of our members and the residents of Belgravia to enable us to promote our charitable objects and, in years to come go further and raise funds for more ambitious projects. 

 Our Trustees and Committee will be discussing ways forward, not only to meet our charitable objects by the work of our volunteers, but also to actually raise funds for projects and good causes.



Our objects are:



1        To promote for the benefit of the public the preservation protection,
development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in Belgravia and to promote high standards of planning and architecture in or near Belgravia including considering and promoting traffic solutions for problems occurring in the area and ensuring the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the streets and public places and the protection of the environment and improvement of air quality



2        To promote for the benefit of the public in the local Division of the
Metropolitan Police, in partnership with the police. the protection of people and property from criminal acts and the prevention of crime generally



3        To educate the public in the history, including natural history and architecture of Belgravia and to assist and support such charitable institutions, amenity societies and residents groups and similar organisations as the Trustees shall from time to time determine in pursuance of the Society's objects and to offer such support and expertise to them as far as possible support their own members for the public benefit



We hope you will support our work and share with us our ethos. The Belgravia Society is the voice of Belgravia in all aspects of life here.


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