An Interview with Simon Lewis 

Head of Landscape Management

Posted August 2017

  1. 1. Are you plantings focussing on sustainable flora for wildlife to survive ? Yes as well as colour we have always encouraged planting that offers diversity to Bees, insects. As you may be aware we have bees within Belgravia that our team manage, so they are at the forefront of our planting schemes   


  3. 2. Are the birds surviving and breeding well in the squares? Yes, we have noted over the last few years the increase of nesting birds such as wrens, robins and blue tits I feel this is through managing their habitats and food.   

  4.  3. Do they have access to plenty of food and water? Yes we encourage the feeding although try to restrict through the bleak feeding periods for birds to encourage them to seek natural food, such as some of our garden pests, so you will see many water and food feeders across our gardens

  5. 4. Butterflies - are they returning to our squares and gardens ?  Have you spotted any lately? Yes, we have released some with St Barnabas school and have Butterfly houses and nectar feeding stations in some of our gardens, but encourage them mainly through selected planting  


  7. 5. I would really like to see butterfly zones around Belgravia especially in Belgrave Square - perhaps a special butterfly breeding programme or butterfly release project.  Is this a possibility ? As above

  8. 6. How are the bats getting on? Yes, we still have them across the estate and continue to monitor

  9. 7. How can we encourage the community assist in looking after our green spaces and nature in Belgravia and Westminster? We are always work close with educational establishments from international universities to local schools. We especially encourage primary schools to be involved with the gardens where we as a department give sustainability and habitat lessons at the gardens and schools. We also run a weekly local Gardening club at St Barnabas school    

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