The Belgravia Society was founded in 2009 as a charity but we are also an amenity society. The Society monitors planning and development. We work towards the preservation of historic architecture and the impact of change and in particular the change of uses adversely affecting us, Crossrail 2, the changes in traffic movement, cycle lanes and property development. The Society goes even further than that, we are concerned with all activity in Belgravia and anything that affects the area from large scale development to conservation and the support of eco-friendly environment development and bio-diversity for the very special village of Belgravia.

 The Belgravia Society has been represented at nearly all events, consultations and meetings on behalf of the community, including our traders in 2016 alone. It keeps a watching brief on all licensing applications, and follows planning applications closely. In the case of two substantial applications the Society submitted objections including organizing a community presence at the Planning Committee to emphasise the views of the Community through the 50 or so people who attended. This is only part of our work. We advise our members and deal with objections on their behalf.

The Belgravia Society is first and foremost the independent voice of the community.

 Apart from administrative costs, we do not want to use any funds other than for our charitable objectives. So far, we have been able to undertake current projects, including our monthly Newsletter and our website, by the work of our volunteer Committee and Trustees. We have relied on just a few supporters for funds. We have been very successful in expanding our membership and subscribers to our Newsletter. However, we need to upgrade our software to make it more appropriate to the numbers of Newsletters and information we distribute. We want a better reader experience.

We also wish to upgrade our website. We aim to incorporate more detail of our work and more information for the casual reader. We want to be able see it as a long term repository of information about Belgravia. We would like to increase our support for local schools with educational activities including visits, understanding its history, community issues and conservation. We want to expand our charitable support for others in need of our expertise in all these matters, especially where we have considerable expertise.

We now need funds so we can support our IT upgrade and we would like have part time support with the increasing burden of paperwork and research for the Society so we can take the next steps to further our work. We are now asking for donations. We ask members and subscribers and those supporting our ethos to be as generous as possible. Donors will be thanked and acknowledged for their support and sponsorship in our Newsletter or on our Website.

Please give generously now.

Donations may be sent by cheque payable to the

The Belgravia Society at:

63 Belgravia Court

33 Ebury Street

London SW1W ONY

The Belgravia Society is grateful for all donations received.


Please also send us a Gift Aid form completed so that we can increase the value of your gift.

- Thank you -




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