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If we could turn back time ...

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Just shy of 200 years ago, Belgravia and its surroundings were very different to the way we view it today.  The area was mostly rural and consisted of swamps, pasture, meadows, open woodland, a coppice, creeks, tributaries such as The Tyburn running directly beneath Buckingham Palace and the Westbourne River; and waterways such as the Grosvenor Canal. Also rough highways and byways haunted by robbers waiting to hold up unsuspecting carriages and passers by; Ebury farm, St George's Hospital, cottages, churches, a country estate and houses such as a row in Five Fields, known today as Mozart Terrace just beyond Ebury Street. Orange Square was the site of some tea gardens and the first unsuccessful attempt at ballooning in London. Much of the area back then, provided a habitat for flora and fauna to thrive. 


However, fast forward to building Belgravia, the environment changed almost beyond recognition, having almost disappeared; save a few leafy squares and gardens, incorporated into the new town.  Any flora and wildlife that previously occupied the land was misplaced or driven out altogether.

Today, Butterflies, Hedgehogs, bees, insects and a diverse range of species are now struggling to survive not just in  London but also throughout the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world.  It is high time we learned to live in harmony with other species on this beautiful but fragile planet.  

As renowned television naturalist David Attenborough so eloquently said:
"It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of  excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living"

New beginnings / Fresh Start ...

Obviously, we cannot turn back time, but if we can
recapture and restore some semblance of what we have lost, we may be able to save many endangered species. Following the National Planning Policy Framework would be a fresh start for conserving and enhancing the natural environment; and promoting a healthy community for future generations to enjoy.

To be able to find a way to live in harmony with nature,  now that is a goal worth striving for,  don't you agree ... Happy 2017 !             

To be continued ....

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