January 01, 2020

We objected to the following application for the following reasons


1.1 Belgrave Square was laid out in the 1820s as a garden to serve the houses surrounding the

Square. These houses were built without gardens and apart from small yards have no outside space.

The private garden square was built to provide a place for an garden to so the residents could enjoy

the garden square in lieu of their own gardens. This provided space recreation space for adults and

their children with their guests to use the garden which people would normally have with their


1.2 We are uncertain as to when the Garden Committee for Belgrave Square was instituted......

Save Newson's Yard In Pimlico Road

May 07, 2017



Latest news mentioned in the July 2017 Newsletter


From the Chairman's Message:  "Travis Perkins-We reported that Travis Perkins’ have been granted permission for a judicial review over the Grosvenor Estate’s plans to redevelop the timber yard. The hearing will be in October and the future of the timber yard is now in the hands of the Courts."



On 23rd November, Grosvenor held their third workshop of the current consultation on the future of Newson's Yard

The presentation was given by Will Bax from Grosvenor explaining that Grosvenor had a vision for the future of the Pimlico Road and Newson's Yard site.  He spoke of reducing traffic in Pimlico Road by 89%, encouraging and improving the present retail shops and providing additional amenities.  He then asked Grosvenor's architects who were preparing the scheme for the interior of the Newson's Yard to explain how they had come to the decision that three large retail units were the solution for the site.    Read more 

May 06, 2020


The Skyline Campaign aims to stop the devastation of London by badly designed tall buildings in the wrong location. The Campaign was launched in March 2014 with support from The Observer and the Architects’ Journal and a statement signed by over 80 public figures, experts and community groups.  

The latest :

14 MAY 2017 —  Councillor Astaire met on Thursday with a good number of representatives of Westminster Amenity Societies and with the Skyline Campaign. We are glad to report that everyone in the room objected to one or other aspect of building tall in this very precious historic area of London. Negative effects mentioned were, amongst others:
1. exceptional impact of very visible, badly design towers (the majority of those built)
2. substantial additional growth in Westminster not appropriate
3. microclimate impact ( wind)
4. loss of views
5. WCC inconsistent policy on jobs (office bldgs turned into hotels or private hospitals - followed by panic over no office buildings)
6. empty blocks of flats
7. impossibility of future redevelopment of past-the-sell-by-date buildings in multiple ownership
8. congestion at street level and lack of adequate infrastructure
9. impact on parks and green areas
10. repetition of past planning mistakes, still affecting Borough
11. inability to learn from bad examples ( Vauxhall Nine Elms).

Many of those present complained about the very machiavellian consultation questionnaire.  
The good news is that WCC is aware of this petition, and hopefully will consider it as part of the consultation.
Time is running out. Please help us achieve maximum effect by getting others to sign. It is IMPORTANT for all of us! Don't let Nine Elms spread across the river!

Belgravia Books

July 24, 2017

Independent Shops such as Belgravia Books, although not on the danger list at present, need to be appreciated by local residents and used as much as possible by everyone.  If you love books and discovering something new to read and add to your library, then stroll along to Belgravia Books and discover a treasure trove of exciting and interesting books .. support your local book shop - Belgravia Books is here for you.

Read their story for all of us ....

March 08, 2017

We recently delivered the above leaflets to selected independent shops around Belgravia

Please pick one up and support us in our campaign to “SOS” save our shops; small, useful and independent businesses from closure. Join the Belgravia Society to minimise such changes in our village.  We are working to preserve the “fabric of Belgravia Life”.

The ethos of the Belgravia Society is;

“To Celebrate the Past, Improve the Present, Engage the Future" 

Forbes House

October 18, 2017

We are monitoring Grade 2 listed 

Forbes House as it is refurbished and 

restored over the coming months.  This 

is a historic building that is a part of 

Belgravia's heritage.....


July 25, 2017


When the Belgravia Society enquired as to when the red letter boxes would be repainted,  there was a favourable response.  Our recent correspondence with dated 18 July regarding the appearance of some postboxes in London. particularly in the SW1 postcode area. 

We were advised that all the postboxes across London are in a 5 year paint cycle. They were last painted in 2014.  

The Belgravia Society was informed that Royal Mail engineers had difficulties painting some of the postboxes in the SW1 postcode area due to restricted access.  However, Weather permitting: these postboxes will be painted by the end of summer 2017.  


Below is a list of the postboxes due to be painted:  This is good news for Belgravia.  How about our red telephone boxes receiving TLC next!

•    Eccleston Street

•    Cliveden Place

•    Eaton Terrace

•    Buckingham Palace Road

•    Victoria Square

•    Elizabeth Street

•    Eaton Square

We need to keep a keen eye on our street furniture in London.  Let us know if you notice a sad pillar box or telephone box that needs attention.


Please contact Info@Belgraviasociety.org with location so we can report it.

Supporting our neighbours around London and beyond ...

October 18, 2017

Other Campaigns 
Supporting our neighbours around London



Please help Save Ealings classic 'Woolworths"  facade from the developers.  

Petition to save the art deco “Woolworth’s” facade in West Ealing


If you care about the changing landscape of London's landmarks and treasures then we urge you to please sign this...

and support the community in Ealing to save their cherished landmark

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