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First posted 6th October 2017

Click the image above to open the News EXTRA bulletin and turn to page 4 and 5 to read TBS response to the proposed closure of the  "Front of Desk" at the Belgravia Police Station.  We will keep you informed of what is happening.  If you do not receive our newsletters and would like to be kept up to date with what is happening in our local area and beyond in & around London then please sign up 

The Belgravia Society


Belgravia and Knightsbridge Police Ward Panel


Members of The Belgravia Society committee and other bodies meet with our ward Sergeant, his officers and PCSO's on a regular basis to discuss local policing matters. We propose their priorities for the following period and consider matters brought to the table from our members.

If you are a Belgravia Society member and have any issues regarding crime or local Policing please send them


Click to view the Met. Police crime map for Belgravia

Police Safer Neigbourhood meetings (Belgravia Society) attended by a Representative



January 18

April 19

July 12 5pm Seaford House

October 18

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