So How Did I do?

May 11, 2017

In one word, fine! (Or 4 words if you refer it to the Italian Job-Google it!)*

'Good luck', 'well done', 'you gon die' they said. Well, I am still here, the tangible human with

feelings, and now my virtual alter-ego, she's back too. My coming back status 'that was refreshing,

so... what have I missed?' seemed a casual entrance which no doubt caused quite a stir (please

note my use of hyperbole). I felt like a down and out singer returning to the public eye with what

she does best, her followers cheering her on as she fell into the spotlight once again. Needless to

say, it wasn't as celebratory.

Yet, what was celebratory was the experience itself, not to mention the fact that I actually

completed it unscathed. A life with little connection to the outside world. Whatsapp, Snapchat,

Facebook and Instagram, all made redundant for 6 weeks, I had my doubts, as did everyone

else. A few slip-ups were had without it, resulting from little preparation my end before the task set

off. To keep in touch with my boss, I message her via Whatsapp. I had to notify her of

something, when I realised, her number wasn't saved on to my phone, thank goodness I had her

email address! Mistakes like this are inevitable for a girl who grew up with social media; the

cheaper, easier and quickest way of reaching someone.

When it came to voice calls, I didn't have many but the ones I did have were long and meaningful.

The little emojis had a voice instead, you can fake an emoji but the tone of your voice, not so

much. Looking at an article I saw in Cosmo, a couple spenweek without texting each other, only

corresponding via landline every night. The writer mentioned texting her friends more

to compensate her lack-of to 'bae'. So I cheated, some of my text messages to friends weren't

urgent or necessarily of any importance, but ``i did send far fewer!

My compensation came in the form of email or Lindkin which suddenly became a lot more

interesting. Both are windows into life outside, but this time, they actually relate to me.

Professional networking is my new thing, it has to be considering I am studying to be a PA. That's

another reason why I didn't struggle too much, I had other, more important things on my mind. I

could whole-heartedly concentrate on myself, finding jobs and prepping for the interviews. I got

more done, simple as that, stuff that actually mattered. I didn't have time to tune into

other people's lives, they didn't concern me anymore. It sounds bad, maybe even selfish, but if

that is what it equals, then I have been unselfish for the entirety of my youth!

In my previous article, I called this break a detox, I can confirm that as an accurate label. One of

my friends said to me 'it must be so refreshing', well yes, yes it was. To beat the habit, I think this

is one of the few times when binging is beneficial. Quit social media for the week.

If you go on it in short bursts, they're going to be frequent. You're bored on the weekend and have nothing

else to do, that is when you can check all social media platforms to your hearts content, without interruption.

Okay, lazy; according to Donald Sutherland's character, John Bridger, the word 'fine' stands for ‘F’d up,

Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional.' Now go back to my article and do with that information

what you will ….

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