Young Belgravian - Why I am giving up Social Media for Lent

May 11, 2017



Virtual Reality

I bet you can relate to the following scenario; mindlessly open phone, my  thumb, by default, shifts towards centre, bottom, left of my home screen, tap on it and Facebook just happens to pop up. After seeing I have no notifications, close safari app and close my phone. 5 minutes later, get bored, open phone, repeat above, and the endless cycle begins.

Virtual reality

The sad thing now is that if I spent anymore than 5 days without going on Facebook, people start to freak out and wonder where  I have gone, it’s as though I only exist in a soul-sucking virtual world. People  wait about a week before I start to receive the heart felt texts about how much they miss my witty status updates (this isn’t true) but in  all  seriousness,  they  haven’t   seen   me


People seek out validation that what they did that day and consequently posted about on social media is interesting and worthwhile. Which just goes to prove how much we crave an ego boost once in a while.

Am I prepared? 


Back in December during the Christmas period, I spent 5 days without going on Facebook, however, I found myself compensating this by going on Instagram a lot more frequently.

80 MILLION(2) photos are posted each day on Instagram, but what kind of things are posted? Take-away coffee cups with your name spelt wrong (Starbucks do this purposefully as a way of getting free advertising), the 100th photo of your dog wearing a stupid outfit or yet another Social media is being stashed away for 40 

Social media is being stashe away for 40 days


So how am I going to do it and what am  I going to do instead?

I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone  and I don’t really use the computer very much, I use Safari on my phone to access Facebook. At the moment, I have the ‘Log in automatically’ button unchecked, on top of this, my password is very long and complicated so I usually get straight off it because I cannot be bothered to type it in. I am going to log out of all my accounts and delete my Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat apps. Basically, online communication is online  so  assume  I’m  dead.  I  have  to say, selfie #NoMakeUpbecoming redundant.  After a few days without checking my Facebook, seeing the built up number of notifications at the end does rather excite me… In a Social Experiment, Scientists detected an increase of dopamine to the brain when people received likes on Social Media Platforms (1) This isn’t mine by the way so to us, we see every ‘Like’ as a reward.

I took a Buzzfeed quiz asking ‘How cliché is your Instagram?’ where you check off a list of common items posted on the app, I got 8/33, which resulted in ‘Not that cliché Instagram can be a wonderful tool for showing off your talents; singing, dancing or artistry of any form including photography are amongst some of the more ‘follow worthy’ galleries, which is exactly what I try to use mine for ,hence my results on the quiz.

I am going to go back to life

before the internet


The only way people can contact me is by voice call,

face-to-face, or Skype (which doesn’t really break the rules). If anyone has

any small details they need to give me, they can text me. In the words of Nanny McPhee ‘If you need me but no longer want me, I am a stay, if you want me but no longer need me, I am a go.’

*Deep Breath* A 40 day Social Media detox… Wish me luck!

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