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 On 23rd November, Grosvenor held their third workshop of the current consultation on the future of Newson's Yard.

 The presentation was given by Will Bax from Grosvenor explaining that Grosvenor had a vision for the future of the Pimlico Road and Newson's Yard site.  He spoke of reducing traffic in Pimlico Road by 89%, encouraging and improving the present retail shops and providing additional amenities.  He then asked Grosvenor's architects who were preparing the scheme for the interior of the Newson's Yard to explain how they had come to the decision that three large retail units were the solution for the site.

 The architects explained that in the first instance they had recommended a series of smaller units.  However, this did not work commercially as the three larger units would produce a higher rent.  The audience was not in support of the idea of three large units. Most people agreed traffic reduction was very important. A number spoke in favour of Travis Perkins remaining with some modification for traffic reduction if possible and said they provided a very useful service to the community, and if they go they would be very much missed.  Some wanted to know what was wrong with the status quo, not only with Travis Perkins but with the street itself. Others, why workshops could not be introduced into Newson's Yard; and yet others were concerned as to the future of Pimlico Road maintaining its unique shop front character and independent traders. A vote was requested on whether the idea of three large units was acceptable to the audience.  However, Soundings declined to take the vote. Soundings insisted the audience should indicate what kind of tenants should be introduced into Newson' Yard. 

 Unfortunately, a number of the audience left as they felt the consultation would only appear to support three large retail units and other changes that were not welcomed by the residents or existing traders in Pimlico Road.  


Those remaining were asked to say what trades they liked and disliked for the purposes of the development. 

They were also asked to say what features they liked about the area and what they disliked.  Little time was specifically given to the shop fronts and the general appearance of Pimlico Road (other than the traffic complaints) and none at all to the additional residential flats proposed.  Grosvenor's decision was not yet taken and they were open minded. However, it seemed that the only thing Soundings wanted to hear about was what kind of traders were suitable for Newson's Yard. The fact that no vote was taken by Soundings on the acceptability of the three large units shows a determination to proceed despite the obvious doubts about the scheme. Mr Bax did say that Grosvenor wanted to relocate Travis Perkins elsewhere.

 We would in turn ask readers to continue to inform us what they think about Newson's Yard and Pimlico Road. Should it remain as we know it today and be allowed to develop as it has done in the past with high-quality units providing goods and services?

 Judging by the number of emails received by the Belgravia Society and the comments made during the consultation meeting, it is evident that many of the residents and traders are concerned about Pimlico Road changing its character.  

 This means the proposals for the interior of Newson's Yard have not been accepted and more work needs to be done in order to provide a solution generally acceptable. One or two voices even suggested that Grosvenor should accept a lower rental return to guarantee the character and heritage which the area and Newson's Yard represents for the community.  

The Belgravia Society feels passionately that it should not be all about money.

 Grosvenor is generous in many ways and the future could be a flagship to enhance their prestige, showing how they care and support these communities they have created over the past 200 years.







 "Grosvenor is proposing to re-develop the Travis Perkins site in the Pimlico Road. The site is also known as Newsons Yard. Do go to the exhibition and look at the plans. There will be more news soon. Please lets us know what you think about it."

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