Profile of a Young Belgravian

Caroline Oliver


I was born in Belgravia (well almost, I was actually made in Chelsea), I love everything about this fair neighbourhood. From the stucco fronted treasures we call our homes to the quaint streets alit with boutiques, its hard not to adore this special part of London. Previous charity work and volunteering has allowed me to appreciate the benefits of philanthropy.


At school, I enjoyed many outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, cross country running and abseiling among other things. Yet, one of my favourites was rowing, I learnt a great deal about teamwork and it became something I could dedicate myself to.  I love to utilise my mind in a creative capacity by getting involved with dance, voice, drama and photography, I also helped to organise my leaver’s ball.


I understand as a student, Belgravia is probably considered to be a temporary abode for you at the moment but if like me, it is your dream to carry on living here, it is up to us, as the next generation, to continue the seamless ticking over of our great area.  A simple email expressing concern or stating any positive feedback is enough to make a surprisingly big difference. Young people are so valuable but rarely is their voice heard in today’s society. So join us today and have your say.  **Please note if you are under 18 then please obtain permission from your parents / guardian.  Thank you**

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